Chair and Directors

Sucheta Pyakuryal is the Director of the Center for Governance at the Institute of Integrated Development Studies (IIDS), a South Asian policy think tank established in 1979. She is also a visiting faculty of Masters for Kathmandu University School of Management’s Masters in Public Policy and Management (MPPM) program. In addition, she teaches courses on Gender and Politics/Policymaking for the Masters and PhD programs at Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies. Since October 2020, she is acting as one of the five Jury members for the Integrity Icon of the Accountability Lab, Nepal Chapter.

Before joining IIDS, she worked as an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Florida. An alumna of Regional Center for Strategic Studies of South Asia, her work focuses on the study of democratic development and good governance in the region. She has several publications on bureaucracy, public sector ethics, knowledge management and aid politics.