Professional Staff

Divya Rana has experiences working in education, peacebuilding, and health sectors across diverse multicultural settings at an international level in Geneva, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and Minnesota. She also has experiences working with the humanitarian and development sectors in Nepal at the local level. She is an advocate for evidence-based policymaking and intersectional approaches to transformative change for lasting peace and sustainable development. Divya holds an interdisciplinary master’s in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva with a specialized focus on global health and medical anthropology. Her undergraduate liberal arts degree in Biology and Religion has informed her research of local health systems in Nepal and her professional experiences have shaped her interest in traditional knowledge, mobilities, spaces, and the historicity of pain, grievances and collective trauma in marginalized societies.

Divya seeks to bridge the gap between academia and other stakeholders of development, focusing on issues in education, health, public policy and good governance, to move from principles and theory to practice.