Professional Staff

Sanjeev Adhikari has a diverse set of experience in the food & agriculture sector in Nepal and India. He has expertise in agribusiness management and demonstrated leadership roles in a seed business company working with the team of seed production, warehousing, processing, manufacturing, retail marketing, institutional marketing, and handling developmental projects working as a General Manager. He also worked in the large-scale multipurpose organic farming, production, planning, certification, value addition & organic food market in Sewara Organics, New Delhi as a Planning and Management. He had engaged in the various developmental projects related to agriculture & livelihood, rural development, social science, natural resources management, ecology & environment, agriculture extension, training & mentoring of rural communities while working in Pragya NGO, Gurgaon as Team Lead, and also in the India Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP India). He has worked as a Research Associate cum incubator management in India's largest technology business incubator, NutriHub-TBI, ICAR-IIMR Hyderabad in the millets value-added food products.
He has expertise in research working as a researcher in various agriculture & social science research such as food market research, policy research, gender, labour, migration, and food security research while working in NARC - Khumaltar, ICAR-IIMR & several NGOs in Nepal and India. He is strong in documenting papers, journal manuscripts, reports, proposals, fundraising.
Sanjeev Adhikari holds BSc Hons Agriculture Sciences (Elective in Agriculture Economics and Business Management) & MBA - Food and Agriculture (Elective in International Marketing; Food Import and Export).